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The LadiesTouch Brand

30 January

The LadiesTouch Brand is fully managed by Ewanda Jackson. This ever-growing brand is currently comprised of 4 business: LadiesTouch Diner, Celebrity Chef Ewanda, LadiesTouch Healthy Choices, LadiesTouch Maid & Janitorial. Together these form the LadiesTouch Incorporated brand that you know and love. So what does each LadiesTouch branch include?

LadiesTouch Diner

LadiesTouch Diner is a restaurant located in Los Angeles, California, run by Ewanda Jackson herself. This diner is known for its high-quality dishes which are cooked to order to ensure freshness. Check out LadiesTouch Diner to find their rotating menu and what is offered today.

Celebrity Chef Ewanda

Ewanda Jackson has earned her title of Celebrity Chef with 30+ years of experience in culinary. She has been the lead cook at many events, helping ensure the right menu is incorporated, prepped, and well-displayed at every event. There is no doubt Chef Ewanda makes the perfect addition to your next party or event.

LadiesTouch Healthy Choices

LadiesTouch Healthy Choices is a non-profit organization started by Ewanda Jackson in 2012. Their goal is to spread awareness of a healthy lifestyle from the food choices you make, to your financial responsibilities, and everything in between. They also offer life coaching and college guidance, helping anyone at any stage of their lives.

LadiesTouch Maid & Janitorial

Ewanda Jackson added their Maid & Janitorial services to their brand, allowing the LadiesTouch Incorporated brand to expand in new directions. The LadiesTouch Maid & Janitorial serves residential and commercial places alike, offering professional cleaning and routine maintenance of any space.



The LadiesTouch Brand

30 January

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