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You have the Power to

Bring Happiness.

We’ve been able to accomplish so much over the years solely because of the help from our community. Ladiestouch Incorporated houses our non-profit organization, Ladiestouch Healthy Choices, which came about after realizing wanting to build awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We have expanded to our LadiesTouch Incorporated program which helps individuals through college or running their business from the ground up. We would not be able to have helped so many communities without your help.

About Ladiestouch Incorporation

LadiesTouch Incorporated is the umbrella company of 4 different businesses, all run by business owner Ewanda Jackson. The LadiesTouch Incorporated is possible through the many industry experts that are part of the team, over high-quality services in each business. Our non-profit organization and our young adult & youth program are volunteer-based and supported by community donations. 100% of our donations go towards funding our missions.

• LadiesTouch Diner

• LadiesTouch Healthy Choices (Non-Profit)

• LadiesTouch Maid & Janitorial

• Celebrity Chef Ewanda


“I recently started volunteering for LadiesTouch Incorporated and I cannot believe the amount of difference they have made not only for the communities around me, but also in my own life. I’m so grateful for Ewanda and the other volunteers. ”

– Sophia G. –


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