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Everything is Our Specialty

At LadiesTouch Incorporated, we’re known to have professionals in many different industries. We don’t like to stick to just one thing, we love growing, incorporating new specialties and expertise. We’ve dealt with party-planning, celebrity chefs, life coaching, non-profits, janitorial services, college guidance, and much more. We don’t plan on stopping any time soon. We love that everything is our specialty.

Ladiestouch Maid and Janitorial

Ladiestouch Maid and Janitorial focuses on provided commercial and residential places alike with the quality cleaning and maintenance they need. Whether you own a business of any scale or would like regular maintenance of your home, Ladiestouch Maid and Janitorial prides itself on keeping environments clean, safe, and healthy.

Ladiestouch Diner

Ladiestouch Diner is a top-tier restaurant in Inglewood serving delicious healthy foods. Their focus is on delivering affordable vegan, vegetarian and healthy soul food. Their menu rotates throughout the week and each order is made fresh just for you. Ladiestouch Diner is a must-try place to order from.

Celebrity Chef Ewanda

Celebrity Chef Ewanda is an incredible must-hire chef for any event you have planned. Chef Ewanda has over 30 years of professional culinary experience and is known for her tasty creations, presented with style and elegance. Celebrity Chef Ewanda offers event coordination and consultations to ensure the food served, along with the various vendors and services are chosen, are equally professional and of high quality.

Ladiestouch Healthy Choices

Ladiestouch Healthy Choices is a non-profit and volunteer-based organization with the purpose to bring awareness to the people of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The organization came about after a loss in the family battling obesity, demonstrating the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices to those around them. Since our start, we’ve been a group of supporters and advocates at various charitable events over the years.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved, make a simple donation, or if you would like to volunteer to help out at one of our upcoming events, please click on the links at the top or bottom of the page! We truly appreciate all the help we can get and want to share!