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Importance of Thorough Cleaning during Covid

6 April

The Covid pandemic has been a frightening time for many, putting in a new meaning to keep ourselves, our homes, and our work environment safe. There has never been a more important time to ensure everything is properly sanitized and deep cleaned regularly. At LadiesTouch Maid & Janitorial, we know that regardless of wanting professional cleaning services for your commercial or residential space or what size your location is, you want to ensure everyone who walks in feels safe.

A clean space during Covid means not only cleaning an area, but also taking and offering the proper precautions to ensure every resident, employee, and customer is safe. All of our services start with an in-depth cleaning and sanitization process. We then start looking at the details of your space, such as any stains or messes that need to be taken care of. When it comes to incorporating precautions, we strongly recommend you offer hand sanitizers in your business or home. In addition, we heavily stress the importance of proper sanitization of a workplace between interactions with clients and at the end of a day.

Having a professional come in to help maintain a thorough cleaning schedule is important, however ensuring those healthy practices remain consistent every day is crucial.



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Importance of Thorough Cleaning during Covid

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